All Clad Cookware Sets – 5 Simple Tips For the Use, Care, and Maintenance of Your All Clad Cookware

In this article we are going to look at 5 simple tips for using your All Clad cookware sets. These tips apply to All Clad products, but can be used for any brand of cookware that you have. This information will allow you to keep and use your cookware set for a lifetime.

Tip 1. No matter what type of cookware you use you should always be watchful of the amount of heat that you use to cook with. With lesser cookware brands you can burn the metal it is made of especially if it is stainless steel that is 18/8 and not All Clad’s pure 18/10 rolled stainless steel. With All Clad cookware sets, you watch the heat you use because you do not have to use super high heat levels to cook as All Clad has a superior heat distribution system due to the patented bonding technology utilizing either copper or aluminum or both! You can use a lower flame setting unless you are planning on boiling something. With All Clad cookware, using a low flame is the same as using a medium to medium high heat setting on a lesser brand of lesser quality.

Tip 2. Everyone has had food stick to at least one pot or pan in their lifetime have we not? Of course we have! The one sure way to avoid this is to preheat your pan and use a lower flame setting as this is the optimal key to success in having stick free stainless steel cookware. With All Clad you do not need to use higher heat levels as the heat is distributed evenly at lower levels due to the patented bonding method used.

Tip 3. Oven proofing. All of All Clad’s cookware lines are oven safe, but be careful as the non-stick lines are not broiler safe although it is safe in ovens for heat up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit which is a lot better performance than lesser brands of non-stick cookware.

Tip 4. Care and cleaning of your All Clad cookware sets? Of course you should clean all of your cookware after every use, but the method of cleaning will change with each line of All Clad available. When it comes to the stainless line of course it is dishwasher safe as is the copper core line as well, but be careful with the copper core as the heat and phosphates of the dishwasher soap may cause the copper core line to discolor or tarnish and in that case you would need to polish the tarnish and discoloration off with a very mild copper polish. In order to help prevent the discoloration make sure to take the copper core line out of the dishwasher immediately after washing and dry them off completely! The other All Clad lines such as non-stick LTD and LTD2 need to be washed by hand but as always it is good to read all the paperwork that comes with your cookware before using it to make sure about washing instructions. To be sure if you don’t want to have to wash your cookware by hand then before you make a purchase make sure you have purchased an All Clad line that is dishwasher safe.

Tip 5. Cleaning off stuck on food and how to remove stains on your cookware? In this case there is an old school cleanser that has been around since 1882 and it is called Bar Keepers Friend. Bar Keepers Friend is called the “can do cleanser!” Believe me, it can do! It started out as a powder in the good old days and now can be bought in a liquid form as well. It is non-abrasive and is safe to use on brass, copper, stainless steel, fiberglass, porcelain, tile, plastics, glass cook tops, formica, and marble. So, in other words it is totally safe for your All Clad cookware sets, but I would not use it on non-stick surfaces like on the LTD or LTD2 lines. For non-stick surfaces I use the soft side of the sponge and mild liquid soap, as nothing should be sticking to it as it is non-stick! I would also recommend that you not use Bar Keepers Friend on the Cop-R-Chef line except for the inside of that line. Check your products documentation. All Clad produces products that are built to last a lifetime and with proper care and maintenance you will have your cookware at least that long!

In this article we looked at 5 very simple tips that you should know in order to take care of your All Clad cookware sets. These tips will of course work on other cookware as well in order to keep them serviceable for as long as possible. If you found this information useful and would like to learn more then please visit:

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