Cast Iron Skillet Psychology

Even Hannibal lector had his thoughts on cookware:

“Look into the skillet, Clarice. Lean over it and look down. If this were your mother’s skillet, and it may well be, it would hold among its molecules the vibrations of all the conversations ever held in its presence. All the exchanges, the petty irritations, the deadly revelations, the flat announcements of disaster, the grunts and poetry of love.

Sit down at the table, Clarice. Look into the skillet. If it is well cured, it’s a black pool, isn’t it? It’s like looking down a well. Your detailed reflection is not in the bottom, but you loom there, don’t you? The light behind you, there you are in blackface, with a corona like your hair on fire.

We are all elaborations of carbon, Clarice. You and the skillet and Daddy dead in the ground, cold as the skillet…….”
Thomas Harris, Hannibal, p. 31.

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