How To Buy High Quality Cookware

High Quality CookwareCooking enthusiasts know that a good set of high-quality cookware can make the whole experience so much more fun. And not only that, it really makes the food much more delicious and healthy.

Basically there are two routes to go: buying a cookware set or buying your cookware individually.
When choosing your first class cookware set you should watch out for several things.

First, know what you need and want. If you like to cook food that is “popular” in general, then the standard cooking sets are probably right for you. But if you are into exotic foods or specialize on some cooking-niche you might need a more individual approach. The good thing is that many cookware manufacturers also offer you to combine your own cookware set for just a good price as if you would buy the a standard cookware set.

Of course you could also buy everything you need just individually from several different companies – but you’ll have to pay a price for that. Because it takes a lot more time to put together your own individual set and it also is a lost more expensive. But both routes are valid and no true cooking enthusiast will pinch pennies when buying cookware.

I’m not saying that would won’t be able to cook great meals without high-priced cookware – some of the best foods I ever ate were from streetvendors in Asia who used crap-cheap cooking equipment. But since you are probably not a street vendor and are really cooking for the joy of the experience, high-quality cookware does matter to you.

One common “trap” that people fall for when buying cookware sets is to buy sets that offer different sizes of the same pot or pan. For example you have three titanium pans – small, medium and large. Guess what will most likely happen? Two sizes will end up catching dust in the shelf because most cooks really just need one pan size. The only exception is if you enjoy cooking for yourself, but you also cook for guests and family, then you might want two sizes – small if you cook a one-person dish, and large if you cook for several people. But that’s about it.

Another common mistake when purchasing a high-quality cookware set is to get a set that is of high-quality but has pretty unusual cooking items. Like triangular pans or strange forms like this. If you see one or two major items in the set that you know you won’t use then better refrain from getting this set and look for another one.

Now your cookware should be one-size fits it all. That means you will want to use the same pan for all kinds of dishes – you don’t want a pan to make crepes, a pan to make fried vegetables, a pan to make a steak, etc. That is where material considerations come into play: I’d say you should go for stainless steel. Stainless steel is good because it is robust and will probably last you a lifetime. Stainless stell cookware doesn’t react with acids and it won’t corrode. It should have a copper core or aluminium core so that heat is conducted good.

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