How To Choose The Right Cookware For Your Camping Adventure

Cookware is an important part of your camping adventure. Whether you’re part of a group or a family out to have a wonderful time outdoors, you still need to make sure that you have the correct camping equipment.

Camping cookware is quite different from the cookware that you use everyday in your kitchen. It has to be tougher so it can handle the elements of outdoors. Whether you use a cook stove or just cook over the camp fire, it has to be tough and durable. People that do a lot of camping usually have a separate set of cookware just for camping.

There are different types of cookware to choose from. Some pots and pans come in sets that fit together for easy storage, some types allow you to tuck something else inside, like a canister of fuel, spices, or anything else that will fit in the space allowed. Some come separately, so only have to buy what you need. It all depends on what you want to use it for. You can buy your cookware one piece at a time, but this way could cost you more money.

Remember, camping cookware handles get very hot so make sure that you are protected from a burn by including some sort of pot holder.

Every type of cookware has it advantages and disadvantages:

Aluminum pots and pans:

Advantage: they are lightweight, heat quickly, and they are less expensive.

Disadvantage: food sometimes sticks and you can get hot spots in heating, after a while it can make your food taste different.

Cast Iron pots and pans:

Advantage: has the best heat distribution and is versatile. Pricing on cast iron is moderate, but for what you get well worth the price.

Disadvantage: they are heavy, so backpackers would not want the weight. They also need special care with cleaning.

Stainless Steel pots and pans:

Advantage: like cast iron, it is heavier and durable.

Disadvantage: it is on the expensive side.

Non-stick cookware:

Advantages: food does not stick to it, which makes the cleanup is easier.

Disadvantages: Make sure that it doesn’t get scratched. It will not be as easy to clean and cook with.

There are camping sets that fit into the camping needs of all different types of campers, whether you are hiking, boating, canoeing, or camping as a family or a group of friends, there is a set of cookware made for your needs.

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