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Upgrading To Expensive Cookware

Friday, October 24th, 2008

Here’s a really funny story on the first “real high-quality cookware set” that one of our readers bought. Read it, enjoy it – and if you have thoughts on cookware or a story to tell for yourself, simple write down a comment below. Thanks!

Due to limited funds, my first set of cookware after I got married was an inexpensive set from a discount store for about $50.

Several years and a couple more sets of cheap cookware later, I decided it was time to upgrade and maybe splurge a bit on a good set.

I bought a $75 set this time. As you may have already gathered, that set didn’t last any longer than the $50 sets.

By that time however, our finances were a bit more secure and it was time to get a “really” good set. I did my research and of course, the prices about knocked the wind out of me. I decided to host a kitchen show to be able to purchase the company’s cookware sets (with a lifetime warranty) at half price.

I remember sweating bullets as I wrote my extremely large check, at least it seemed larger than life at the time. I couldn’t believe I was spending that much on cookware. A couple weeks went by and the cookware was finally delivered. I looked at it for a few days in the box. #

After having spent that much money on it, I was terrified to use it.

Eventually I did work up the nerve to actually cook a meal with my new pots and pans. Now that I tackled my fear of my new expensive cookware, I got it all cleaned up and made a nice spot for it in the cupboards. Of course that presented a new set of problems, scratches! I stacked all the pots and pans in the cupboard and separated each of them with kitchen towels.

Some might say I was a bit overprotective of my cookware those first couple of years and admittedly, I probably was.

Since then, I’ve even gotten rid of the towels separating each piece. Even though the price tag scared me half to death, it was one of the best purchases I have ever made and the investment was definitely worth it.