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Cookware Selection – Sage Advice for Engaged or Newlyweds

Sunday, October 26th, 2008

In this article you will find some great advice for newlyweds on buying new cookware. Thanks a lot to for sharing your advice!

Often newly weds are supplying their first kitchen, and selecting the right cookware is a core part of a functional kitchen. Today there are so many pan styles and designs it can be overwhelming.

There are several factors to consider when selecting cookware: lifestyle, storage space and cooking philosophy.

Many couples lead very active lifestyles and rarely sit down for a full meal; they frequently graze through the day or reheat a microwave meal. Since they hardly ever cook from scratch, their cookware needs are minimal. I suggest Revere stainless steel pans for this couple.  The medium weight pans are durable and good value. Selecting a few items conserves precious kitchen storage space and makes moving easier. Purchasing several saucepans with lids and a frying pan is adequate. The timeless design of this cookware means pans can easily be added to the collection later should the couple’s life style change.

Other couples enjoy gourmet cooking and entertaining at home. In this case pans selection becomes a critical part of the kitchen function.  These brides may be partial to a certain cookware and have firm requirements on non-stick coatings.  There are lots of cookware sets that fulfill this lifestyle.  One of my favorites is Rachael Ray’s Hard-Anodized Cookware set.  This set looks great and performs like a champ. The orange silicone grips are fun and functional. The pans are truly nonstick and that makes clean up a breeze. The set’s see-through glass lids are attractive and functional.  Of course there are lots of matching pieces that can be added to the set. My favorites include the 11×9 rectangular skillet or the oval pasta pot.

Our son recently married the women of his dreams. Wedding plans and bridal gifts has been part of life for last year. The kids registered their wish list at several stores.  Friends and family helped to make the couples dreams come true. They are both in school and so cookware was at the bottom of their wish list. Their cookware consists of a couple of Revere saucepans, which fit in their tight kitchen quarters.  I look forward to helping them expand their cookware collection as their needs change.

Scanpan – Cookware that is delightful to use!

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Here another piece that one of our readers sent in. Thanks for that! If you too want to share your thoughts on cookware, please leave a comment below.

On Mother’s day several years ago my kids and husband presented me with a couple of Scanpans.  I love this cookware and use it daily.  My Scanpan pots look like new, even after several years of cooking.

I have two pieces of Scanpan cookware.  My first piece is a huge round pot with a glass lid. This pan is excellent for making chili, soup or spaghetti sauce.  The second Scanpan pot is a high-walled stir fry pan with a glass lid.   I use this pot for Asian style stir-fry cooking. Both pieces are non-stick, heavy durable pans.

I am really pleased with the performance of my Scanpan cookware.  Food cooks evenly.  The pan is solid, so dents are not an issue.   Although the pans are non-stick, I like little to add a little olive oil to help brown onions or when stir-frying.

The glass tops concerned me at first.  I thought in a house with several teenagers these lids would be short lived.  However the lids are made of heavy and apparently strong glass.  The lids have survived three moves and my teenagers.  I like the fact that the lids are clear, so you can view the food while cooking.   The one downside of the glass lids is the weight.   The lids are heavy and can be a difficult to turn over and set down when trying to attend your cooking.

These pans came with a special cleaning brush.  That tool went by the wayside early on. Now I just use a sponge or cloth for cleaning.   If there is a tough spot to remove I will use the green plastic scratch pads.   I find my Scanpans are easy to clean without a lot of dramas.

Scanpan cookware is pricey but worth it. This durable cookware is worth the investment, at least it was for me.

Scanpan pros:

  • look like new, even after long usage
  • non-stick
  • heavy durable (no dents)
  • food cooks evenly
  • glass lids are made of strong glass (don’t break easy)
  • lids are clear, you can watch the food cook

Scanpan contras:

  • lids are very heavy, difficult to handle when cooking
  • cleaning brush is useless
  • expensive

I hope you found this article useful. Please also check out our article on how to buy Scanpan cookware cheaper.

Glass & Ceramic Cookware

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

My favorite type of cookware to use are the ones that are made of either glass or ceramic.

I feel that cooking with this type of material is safer than cooking with some of the other cookware materials such as aluminum. Materials used to make other types of cookware can react and even enter the foods that are cooked in them.

I also find that ceramic and glassware are easily cleaned compared to aluminum and steel. Some of the ceramic products such as the original Corning wear can go straight from the stovetop into the oven. In more modern times this has been even more useful by being able to go from microwave to the oven.

I love to use Pyrex bake ware as it is easy to see though the pan into the food that is cooking to get a good idea if it is cooking well or not.

I also enjoy the use of glass lids on the pots to check on the contents without lifting the lids and allowing the steam to escape. Pyrex glass ware is the only type of cookware I use for microwaving as I don’t want any of the plastic from other products leaking into the food.

Glass and ceramic materials also resist corrosion unlike some of their metal counterparts.

Teflon is easy to use because of it’s quality for non-sticking to food but you really have to wonder how much of the Teflon product is entering the food while it is being cooked. I have used the Visions line of glass pots and pans.

Even though they are completely made of glass, I have never broken one when dropped. I really like the different colors that they came in, amber was my favorite. The visibility to see the cooking process happening inside the pot is really a great. If you have never tried using ceramic or glass ware for cooking, I suggest you try it!