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Should You Spend Money on Professional Cookware?

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

I like to cook. Because I do I like to buy professional kitchen cookware sets. My very favorite set is my LeCreuset. It’s enameled cast iron. It’s very heavy cookware, and certainly not everyone would want to cook with it, but then I don’t like lightweight aluminum pots and pans. I prefer my LeCreuset because I think that the outside enamel remains good looking, whereas some aluminum and stainless pots and pans have finishes that are easily scratched. Luckily if you’re in the market for professional cookware you have a lot to choose from.

Most cookware manufacturers such as All Clad, Cuisinart, Viking, Calphalon, Kuhn Rikon, Chantal and Mauviel all make a variety of cookware of differing quality. Mauviel is known for their copper cookware. They also have a line of 7-ply cookware. This cookware has an aluminum core for excellent heat conductivity. It has a durable brushed stainless steel surface on the inside and a highly polished stainless steel surface on the outside. Viking professional cookware has a multi-ply construction. It’s a combination of aluminum alloys and stainless steel which Viking says will give “lifetime performance, durability, easy cleanup and quick even heating”. What sets these pots apart are their ergonomic stainless steel handles and extra large lids.

Another popular cookware manufacturer is Demeyere. Demeyere has a line of induction cookware, something new to a lot of cooks and very expensive. These induction pots and pans have 7-ply construction and use materials that limit heat to 250 degrees celsius. This can actually prevent many foods from burning.

A much more easily affordable quality cookware set is All Clad. They offer several different types of cookware, the All Clad Copper Core and the All Clad Master-Chef 2. The Culinary Institute of America also has a cookware set out called the CIA Masters Collection. It was designed by the certified master chefs at the CIA. It has a 7-clad construction and a copper core.

The professional cookware sets that we’ve mentioned above range in price from $1900 to $600 for a 10-piece set. Most of them offer multi-ply, and, as in the case of CIA and Demeyere, 7-ply. Most have copper cores, aluminum interiors and stainless steel exteriors. So how do you choose?

The way most people choose is money and appearance. My suggestion would be to buy one pot, or pan if possible before you buy an entire set. That way you can use the cookware and see if you really like it before you commit to it.

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Nonstick Pans & Pets

Friday, October 17th, 2008

One of our readers recently sent in this reminder on the dangers of nonstick cookware:

As a pet owner, one thing that bothers me is people using nonstick pans (such as tefal pans) when they have pet birds. Without proper ventilation, these pans can actually harm or kill birds, as the fumes they let off whilst heating are very toxic. To make sure my birds will be okay, I prefer to use a heavy cast iron pan – they may be expensive to buy at first, but an investment in a Le Creuset pan will soon pay off – they do last forever.