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Single Mother On Cookware

Sunday, October 19th, 2008

Here another post that one of our readers submitted, thanks for sharing! If you have thoughts on cookware that you’d like to share, just write them in the comments section below. Thanks!

There are two areas that come to mind when I think of cookware.

The first is how easy is it to use, and how easy does it clean up. These questions are very important because of the lifestyle I lead. I have very little time to spend cooking over the hot stove, and clean up is a given.

I have found that almost any brand of non stick cookware will work for those easy clean ups. But I will add that you get what you pay for. Spending a little more money overall will get you a product that lasts longer, I have found the Rachael Ray non stick Hard Anodized cookware to be great for my needs.

It is a good quality set at an equally good price. Another thing that I can not live without is my Rival Crock Pot.

I am a single mother, with the time taken way running kids around to practices and working, I find the convenience of using the crock pot high on my list of necessities. I am able to cook wonderful tasting meals with very little prep time.

The Rival crock-pot that I purchased has two crocks. The first is your normal crock pot, but the second is divided into two separate areas. I like this when I am making nacho‚Äôs and have my meat on the one side and the melted cheese on the other. I use this all the time at parties. (Check out this article from YourHouseHoldKeeper titled “Save Money by Cooking with a Crock-pot” and Crock Pot recipes too).

Last but not least is my enamel roaster. I am talking the old blue roaster with white speckles on it, the kind your grandmother use to have. It literally makes the best roasted chicken. I have perfect roasted chicken every time I use it. When its time to make one of their favorite meals, it is almost always the roasted chicken that is requested. Having the right cookware, not only makes the job enjoyable, but it also makes it fun.