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Scanpan – Cookware that is delightful to use!

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Here another piece that one of our readers sent in. Thanks for that! If you too want to share your thoughts on cookware, please leave a comment below.

On Mother’s day several years ago my kids and husband presented me with a couple of Scanpans.  I love this cookware and use it daily.  My Scanpan pots look like new, even after several years of cooking.

I have two pieces of Scanpan cookware.  My first piece is a huge round pot with a glass lid. This pan is excellent for making chili, soup or spaghetti sauce.  The second Scanpan pot is a high-walled stir fry pan with a glass lid.   I use this pot for Asian style stir-fry cooking. Both pieces are non-stick, heavy durable pans.

I am really pleased with the performance of my Scanpan cookware.  Food cooks evenly.  The pan is solid, so dents are not an issue.   Although the pans are non-stick, I like little to add a little olive oil to help brown onions or when stir-frying.

The glass tops concerned me at first.  I thought in a house with several teenagers these lids would be short lived.  However the lids are made of heavy and apparently strong glass.  The lids have survived three moves and my teenagers.  I like the fact that the lids are clear, so you can view the food while cooking.   The one downside of the glass lids is the weight.   The lids are heavy and can be a difficult to turn over and set down when trying to attend your cooking.

These pans came with a special cleaning brush.  That tool went by the wayside early on. Now I just use a sponge or cloth for cleaning.   If there is a tough spot to remove I will use the green plastic scratch pads.   I find my Scanpans are easy to clean without a lot of dramas.

Scanpan cookware is pricey but worth it. This durable cookware is worth the investment, at least it was for me.

Scanpan pros:

  • look like new, even after long usage
  • non-stick
  • heavy durable (no dents)
  • food cooks evenly
  • glass lids are made of strong glass (don’t break easy)
  • lids are clear, you can watch the food cook

Scanpan contras:

  • lids are very heavy, difficult to handle when cooking
  • cleaning brush is useless
  • expensive

I hope you found this article useful. Please also check out our article on how to buy Scanpan cookware cheaper.

Buy ScanPan Cookware Cheaper

Friday, April 25th, 2008

These folks have a ScanPan shop and some infos on ScanPan Cook- & Bakeware.

They have good infos, including a factory tour of ScanPan. If you don’t know about ScanPan cookware, they’re a cookware manufacturer from Denmark, and today Europes biggest manufacturer of pressure cast aluminum cookware. but you can get (new) original ScanPan cookware cheaper on ebay. Let me just show a few examples:

Item ebay price difference
3 pc Carving Set Scanpan Classic $99.95 (reduced from $165) $47.00 52,95
9pc knife block Scanpan Classic $299.95 (reduced from $382.50) 151.07 148,88
$124.95 $124.95 (reduced from $250.00) US $114.90 10
Fusion Covered Multi Steamer $39.95 US $29.95 10
14” Paella Pan (8½ qt) 144.95 (reduced from $140) $130.00 14,95
Utility Knife 6″ Scanpan Classic 29.95 (reduced from $45) + shipping $24.52 5,43

ScanPan Cookware Bargains