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High-Quality Titanium Cookware

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

Nonsticking titanium cookware is pretty new in the field of high-quality cookware. It’s still very expensive and surely not a low-budget item. But if you are looking for premium cookware, then price won’t be your first consideration anyway.
Titanium used at Guggenheim Titanium is great for cooking because it is both extremely strong, durable and lightweight. I myself am currently looking at some Titanium cookware because I’m kind of always on the move, traveling a lot and moving a lot too. I recommend you go to a store and just hold a titanium pan in your hands to get the actual experience of how it feels to have a titanium pan in your hand – it’s extremely light and great for road trips, canyon tours, or backpacking. And I dare to say that it could be the perfect hiking cookware too.
Health-conscious cooks will be specially fond of the fact that titanium is great for low-fat cooking without you having to handle the cookware carefully like you have to do it with Teflon cookware, which, once scratched, shouldn’t be used anymore because of the possibility of leaking of dangerous poisonous substances into the food.
Other than with some other kinds of non-sticking cookware Titanium is also a safe material for cooking equipment – no toxins will be released if you scratch it (and did I mention that it’s scratch proof? And how about that it won’t bend or warp even if you use it to cook on high flame for years and years?).
The food will also taste great because titanium doesn’t contaminate the food with any coating materials or metal byproducts.
Titanium in deed is the metal that is the strongest compared to any other metal that is as light (or if you want to get fancy you can say that it has the highest strenght-to-weight ratio of all metals).

So again, if you’re an “on the road cook” who’s traveling a lot, or if you are mobile cook (I was surprised about this – there are actually cooks that come to your house and cook for you in your own house! A private chef for rent so to speak) then titanium cookware is definitely worth looking into.
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High Quality Backpacking Cookware

Sunday, April 6th, 2008

I love backbackping and I love cooking – so it’s not a big stretch for me to write about high quality cookware for backpackers! Now most likely you won’t use the same kind of cookware that you use at home for your backpacking trips. A nice iron-cast or stainless steel pan is great for a homely kitchen – but if your out in the wilderness or on a canyon tour you don’t want to carry these extra pounds on your back. If you constantly feel pushed down from carrying a heavy load in your backpack and your back aches and your feet are tired then what’s really the point of going on a trip in a first place? It’s all about enjoying it, having fun and going for the experience. But to make the experience fun you will need to prepare and inform yourself first and find out what’s best for you. Depending on your budget there are several options available and I can understand that somebody who goes on a backpacking trip every second year probably won’t spend as much money on his travel cookware as somebody who’s on the road for 6 months every year.

Backpack cookware should also be easy to store – for example detachable or foldable handles. And then there’s the question for how many people you will cook – are you a happy family chap with 12 kids or a lonely ranger? It’s no fun having to cook for a dozend people in a one-person-meal pot, but if you are on your own then family size won’t do it either.

The most popular choice for backpackers is aluminum. It’s reasonable priced and lightweight – and it really has the typical “camping feeling” to it when you cook your meal in a aluminum pan.
Aluminum cookware also has a dark side to it. Food usually sticks to it quiet easily and when you are in the wilderness cleaning is never as easy as in a kitchen. But the biggest issue might be health concerns – aluminum can react with foods, contaminating it with toxic substances. So if you are going to eat several months out of the year out of your camping aluminum pan, I suggest you consider buying another model (see the options below). But if it’s just for maybe two or three weeks a year then aluminum is still a good choice in my opinion and save to use. Just maintain it properly – when you buy aluminum cookware the manufacturer will most likely also include maintenance instructions that you simply should adhere to.

For long-term backpackers I suggest lightweight stainless steel cookware. It has all the characteristics of stainless steel but is much lighter (and unfortunately but not surprisingly also more expensive). Heat distribution won’t be as good as aluminum, so that means you’ll have to stirr your food constantly so that it doesn’t get burned. But it’s very strong and will stay with you forever.

And if your budget allows so – go titanium! Titanium cookware is lightweight, durable and has very good heat conduction and is non-stick.

And another really basic thing is to look for are tight closing lids – they will reduce your cooking time substantially and thus save you lots of fuel (which means you don’t have to carry a lot of fuel around or pick up lots of firewood after a long days march).

I hope you found these tips on high quality cookware for backpackers useful – if you have any comments or questions please just leave a comment here and I will look into that.