The Pleasures of Copper Cookware

Dream as you have forever. Live as if you have only today. Bearing this saying in your mind, I finally chose to ditch the old for something sparkling new.

Hell no, I’m not talking about my partner. I could not live without her for just one single minute. She’s my own reason for being infinitely quite happy with life itself.

Copper cookware

And no, neither am I talking about some cheap, unclassy & seriously overrated x-rated stuff. Believe me or not, the real deal surpasses the fakeness again and again.

I am actually – and there goes my rock ‘n’ roll credibility, see my other articles – referring to, euh, cookware. Sounds mindblowingly boring, I know, but provide one minute. I will try to explain.

These modern days, coloured by its optimised innovations, your kitchen in general and also the cookware we use within specific, almost needs to be practical. If not, they will not make any chance of surviving the manic fashion dance. Not really a single doubt about this. And because of the immersing globalisation there’s a vast ocean of choices open to cater for all the varying tastes and preferences alike.

There is additionally another side to ‘la cuisine quotidienne’, the 21st century kitchen: its aesthetical value. And that is exactly where the copper cookware appears. Whether you are a fan or not, a (semi)-professional chef or a passionate amateur cook: copper pans and pots do look sexy. Am I serious here? Yes. Am I exaggerating? I seriously don’t think so.

Ever wondered why so many people insist on having their copperware presented in the kitchen as prominent as possible? Ask any qualified interieur designer: since it does look the company. Displayed copper cookware sets feed the attention. Authentic, hand-finished copperware has an aesthetic its own and impossible to duplicate from cold stainless steel.

You do not trust me? Fair enough. But next time you’re browsing a glossy magazine or watching a chapter of the favourite high society soap, possess a little peep in the details. If the kitchen is featured, chances are huge you’ll see walls with neatly placed & hung copper saucepans, pots, skillets, frying pans, etc. As though there is no tomorrow.

So, for all your well-documented talk of warmth conduction and longevity – the obvious benefits associated with copperware – I gladly raise a glass from the finest Bordeaux (a Petrus 2000 will definitely do) to the simple beauty of the handbeaten copper pan with its riveted cast-iron handle. Because I just decided to buy a fresh group of French copper cookware. And there is even more to celebrate: we now have the option of creating our very own preferred set, so both my spouse and i can pick & choose our very own little favourites. Every day life is far too short not to enjoy it where & whenever you can, don’t you find it?

If you like, try this unique option yourself: choose the copper pans & pots YOU like and create your own personalized set. Surely, there’s hardly a better way to discover everything you want to know about authentic, local French copperware.

So next time when you relish a romantic rendez-vous in your kitchen, remember you read about it here first. This luxury of being able to pick & choose your copper cookware set & therefore to make your own preferred choice is truly a unique + absolute worldwide first for authentic French copperware. Dream as if you have forever. Live as if you only have today, indeed.

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